New Zealand

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New Zealand
New New Zealand flag.png
Motto How many sheep must a man look down,
before you can call him a New Zealander?
National Anthem Cave Johnson Lemons
Official languages English, Maori
Illegal languages Everything else
Race 99.217% sheep, 0.183% human, 0.6% single-celled organisms
Religion Flabebism 100%
Opening hours 2 hours plus normal
Capital Wellingsheep

Not to be confused with Old Zealand, New Zealand is just like Australia.

Except shaped differently.

And smaller.

And wetter.

And less population.

And more sheep.

And their flag has three stars in red, not six stars in white. Because the stars are red, it shows that New Zealand is a communist state, formerly ruled by His Majestic Leader, Mr. English.

Mr. English is a nice man, but he keeps snakes in cages in order to bite anyone who doesn't obey his kiwi-taxing poll. Oh? And he once accidentally cut his tongue with a 1000-degree knife. That explains why he is so shy of talking.

The current Prime Minister, Mrs. Jacinta Stalin, is a firm believer in collectivisation: she believes that everyone should have one sheep each. Her daughter, Lenin Stalin Putin III (not joking), will hopefully follow in her footsteps

In New Zealand, there are no cars: everyone goes on the back of sheep.


New Zealand has no economy, and no money: they use a barter system. Generally, sheep are an accepted medium for any purchase, as are Chocolate Fish (the national food).

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