Nine thousand addictions

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Unlike the primal Yoz, many flush-mount Illogimoosettes work at the topless haberdasher's.

[18:16] <Gruntled> Hm... could be done is the lentils were vaporized.
[18:16] <Gruntled> if*
[18:17] <@Seppy> Wow, it's typo city in here today
[18:17] * Gruntled lovingly prepares for Seppy and Athyria
[18:17] <Gruntled> Leastmost was not a typo
[18:18] <@Athyria> Oooo! I remember now!
[18:18] * Gruntled giggles as the chickens beqin quivering
[18:19] * Gruntled dials up Rosa road on his matter transporter, sets it to fire two pancake chickens
[18:19] <@Athyria> What is yoz? Nevermind the buckets, mind.
[18:19] <Gruntled> Yoz is a word I invented to describe something I did not want explained,
[18:20] <Gruntled> Buckets simply refers to a large assembly of yozes.
[18:21] <@Athyria> Buckets are terribly important, but how would Yaz lend itself to general use?
[18:21] <@Athyria> yoz*
[18:22] <Gruntled> You have his upon the crux of the matter, my dear.
[18:22] <Gruntled> hit*
[18:22] <@Athyria> So... it wouldn't? Or it would? Or do we just not know how and thus I should fudge off and go find out?
[18:23] <Gruntled> I think there are two possible outcomes. You could answer the question in the fashion of your choosing, thereby adding a tributary to the flow of nonsense that is yoz, or we could admit we're both nuts for discusssing it.
[18:24] <Gruntled> Just to be difficult, I say it... would lend itself to general use. That adheres to the original intention of the founding fathers.
[18:24] <@Athyria> Or we could... nto admit it.
[18:24] * Athyria headbobs and jumps on a cow.
[18:25] <Gruntled> Right, there is that
[18:25] <Gruntled> Nice moves, there, Athyria
[18:26] <Gruntled> I wonder, would the plural be yozs or yozes? Or even maybe make it irregular, like yaaxe.
[18:26] <@Athyria> Yes.
[18:26] <Gruntled> 1 yoz, 2 yaaxe
[18:27] <@Athyria> 3 yoz, 4 yazes, 5 yaaxe...