No, I don't think so

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Just purely for the sake of good conversation, let's both remove our ears and replace them with freshly baked saltine crackers. Then, we can eat orange peels. Eat the peels, and throw away the oranges. Then we can eat a banana peel and an egg shell. And we can eat the box that the cereal came in, and dump the cereal in the garbage. See if we can fill our entire garbage cans with food, and fill ourselves with yummy garbage.

Put those sandals on your head. NO, just do it. It's a formal request. Well, maybe both of them is a little excessive. But one of them. They make good hats. While you're at it, let's throw a suit out a window and say it's an acrobat. Here's a nice, crunchy can, good for the spleen.

I think we should go out to the grocery store and buy a bag of frozen egg noodles, then take turns sitting on the bag, like legless Ostriches, and see how many egg… roosters? Emerge, like a disembodied towel, devoid of squirminess or other such unpleasant things that displease most people of most nationalities. I hope you got airbags installed in your computer. They crash.

Why don't you bake the oven inside the chicken for the feast? It would take a long time to cook, but maybe if you build a small room out of sticks and let it sit.

This halloween, I gave them all empty bowls to eat. Sugar and plastic are indistinguishable if you're locked in chambers of both. Go into a store, right now, and close your eyes and wander around, then purchase the first thing you see. If the first thing you see is yourself, then you're screwed.

I made a sandwhich out of two plates and a ceramic coffee mug. It tasted good. My microwave wants to casserole everything.

Obviously, nobody here has seen that movie, or they would have understood why I was holding a dental drill while I made my three word speech, with the first word being a letter. The written kind. I held it up in front of my face. It was rather short.

Now, let's create an artificial sunset by tieing a lightbulb to a string and lowering it out the window. Hope it doesn't burn the string. Into the ocean that's outside the window that may consist of saliva.

Anyway, I keep getting side tracked, which reminds me of a fantastic story: One time, my cousin named ^^^^^^ was playing duck duck goose, with three washing machines and a stump. He had no people to play with, but he adjusted. He was running around, hitting each one of them, when all of a sudden, another person came up and said "hey. That's my dryer." and then my cousin said "I only stole it because your washing machine was playing battleship with a hobo." Then, they both forgot what they were doing, and spent the rest of the day peeing on trees.

Arbitrarily, I think that's a cardboard box you're sitting on...or is it an aardvark?