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The French

Franceflag.png France.png
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "Vev la idiots"
Anthem: Yeah - Usher (French)
Capital Love
Largest city New Paris
Official languages Swedish, Gibberish
Government Free for all insanity, Stat!
Prime Minister {{{prime_minister}}}
National Hero(es) Joan of lark(bird0
Currency I don't give a @$&#$%@&#
Religion Buddhism
Population Too many to count, yet to few to care
Area Size of Chuck Norris' fist
Population density Denser than a Denso Sard Supra
Ethnic groups Gays
Major exports Baguettes
Major imports Cats
National animal Koi Fish
Favourite pastime ???
Opening hours 7:01am - 7:02am
Internet tld .ba
Calling code ???

The French are the people that populate a small country named "la France". The income is low there, unless you are lucky enough to be made out of cheese, or born with big feet for crushing grapes. The rest of the population create fries.

Should you ever be unfortunate enough to find yourself in this small country of "le France", repeat this phrase: Je ne veux pas être ici, je veux revenir en arrière dans l'arbre!

The Famous French[edit | edit source]

French Llama
  • French Llama - the founder of the French National Llama Association(FNLA)
  • Sir Issac French - The inventor of the three laws for making baguette.
  • Tom French - Main actor in Mission Impossible: Going to France, Mission Impossible 2: Living in France, and Mission Impossible 3: Leaving France
  • Chuck 'French' Norris - Chuck Norris's lesser known brother who inverted the karate chop.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus French - Composer of fur French

Materials[edit | edit source]

  • Large plot of land
  • Courage
  • Time
  • Oh yeah, and a French Flag

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