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It is big. It is wet.

It is a source of life, providing sustenance, connections, water, even a liveable environment. Without oceans, there would be no rain, no soil, no crops, no plants or animals or even fungi. All the world would be is rock, rock, and dust and ice and cold, splintery death. Without ocean, the world would freeze. It is the water vapour from the ocean that allows the planet to retain heat, and at the same time is is this heat that allows the ocean to remain liquid - a masterful equilibrium.

It also annoys the hell out of me. gfdgfrdgrgrthrgu9gys98gy5re08t4nyt0ew8yf08re9ytm0tg8rem08hur09gr i like big butts and connot lie

But that big wet annoying thing that just has to be there, always lingering there, emitting horrible deathrays and stinking... stinking like dead fish! It's full of dead fish, the damned thing! AAAARGH! NOOOO MORE DEAD FISH! IT'S STINKING UP THE TOWN WATERS! Everything smells rotten and no one will even give ours the time of fishday! ARGHHHHHHHHHH!


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  1. See Dirty Water for more on this fat cheating cow.