Opiates and Opiate accessories

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I never... This image is just wrong on so many levels... COCAINE ISN'T EVEN AN OPIATE.

Opiates and Opiate accessories are items that include heroin, morphine, Etorphine, additionally the opiate accessories such as belt, syringe and finally the methadone clinic. Item's such as these are usually obtained from your friendly neighborhood drug dealer and used by your friendly neighborhood drug user.

NOT to be confused with: Propane and Propane accessories

Your opiates[edit | edit source]

Heroin[edit | edit source]

Heroin is teh awesomez! Inject 5 heroin's everyday and you will become a superhero. Or a super-heroin if you are of the female variety. Prolonged abuse of heroin has no negative side effects evar. Well aside from dependence, tolerance, violent bahaviour, bankruptcy, comatose, brain damage and death. Aside from all them though, smooth sailing!

Morphine[edit | edit source]

Oxycodone[edit | edit source]

Codeine[edit | edit source]

Etorphine[edit | edit source]

Your accessories[edit | edit source]

Belt[edit | edit source]

Syringe[edit | edit source]

Opioid receptors[edit | edit source]

Arrest report[edit | edit source]

Methadone clinic[edit | edit source]

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