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An organization is basically a bunch of people who get together to confuse other people. When an organizaiton meets together, it is called a "meeting" and there is a set of rules called "Robert's Rulez" the people have to follow in order to properly confuse the other people. In short, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who know Robert's Rulez and those who don't.

What happens at meetings[edit]

The first thing that has to happen in an organization is that a dictator has to take over. This is done by one person standing up and saying with a loud voice, "I NOMINATE HITLERBEAR FOR UNCYC ADMIN!"

At that point, Hitlerbear takes a position called the "Chair" - though often it is actually more of a bench or a barstool really. He then addresses the Floor (not the audience, but really the floor - it's part of the confusing people bit that was mentioned earlier) asking if there is any old business.

In a new organization there is never any old business but he says it anyway because Hitlerbear is the Master of Confusion. He then has elections of officers - for Prezident, Sexratary, Treasurystealer and Mascot.

Duties of officers in an organization[edit]

  • The main duty of the Prez is to rule over everyone else with an iron fist. He does this by totally controlling the entire meeting and never letting anyone else talk at all.
  • The Sexratary's duties are ... not G-rated.
  • The Treasurystealer's job is to tell all the members to hand over all their moneys in a paper and/or plastic bag. Traditionally, the way he does this is by saying, "ALL YOUR $$$ ARE BELONG TO US".
  • The Mascot's job is to keep the membership's spirit up so they don't get bored during timeouts and other boring parts of the game.

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