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  If this article landed in court for murder, it would get off lightly under the insanity law.  

Be wartchin me earticle be ye. girn girn (various excitable toilet flushing noises) The Joker and the thief in the night. For he will come like a thief inflight.

How to open an oyster (if you-re no good at romance)[edit]

Steal my fructose flake and peel away to Oi-stir around my genitaliac gentile soup. Barry from Easty-benders likes to use his Oyster to babble wabble. Ravel acrobabbless tow on an astrobabblewabblegoatbabblewibble (oo solid).

Oyster sleep paterns[edit]

Warthogs dream of flight

Penguins dream of Music

Sharks dream wet. And so don't Ich.

Kin of Bod I Odds - the motto of the nopeople

Sub-limb-in Al's message beep, something something something, i don't get sleep, no?[edit]

Subliminal Highlight of the week

Subliminal Highlight of the week Sgnih t-tsomse esnacn ud!!!

Oho, oh ho ho, to my ho, ho ho ho-oh the pokey mum.

Predominionly Oysters cause a stir by metamorphasising from one parking ticket to an ovarions wing for about 6 nano-gungadins. Goodboo fellow time shovellers. Remain geometrically inwangtising or fear the wrath of a foaming man.