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Panic is a dangerous phenomenon that occurs when a Higgs-boson and a Fag's-Meson smash into each other at speeds approaching the speed of dark.

The Speed of Dark is actually varied but is usually infinitely faster than the Speed of Light.

What is it?[edit]

Panic (Spelled P-A-N-I-C) is a toothy phenomenon that creates both fear as well as urine at the same time, occurring mostly in animals and Animal-Rights Activists, although humans have been known to exhibit panic from time to time. "Panic" is also a well-known brand of popular chewing gum in North Korea.

Who is susceptible to it?[edit]

Pretty much everyone is susceptible to panic, excepting elite demons such as Colorman and Justin Bieber. It was once thought that Jack Michaelson was incapable of exhibiting panic, but it was later confirmed through a telegraph from Hell after he had died that he had had a panic breakdown and was receiving treatment in the well-known, very expert General Hospital of Satan. He was later confirmed dead and thus no longer exists, to the joy of 90% of the world. It was later confirmed by Satanic Scientists that the levels of panic he exhibited would have destroyed any ordinary human-being, and that such a severe case had not been observed since 1220 when Steve Jobs lost his jobs, resulting in a Panic episode that destroyed him, his castle and everything in it.

Panic is Panic[edit]

Some Fearists and Fear activists may try to convince you that panic is actually a form of fear. This is a lie. Panic is the manifestation of love under extremely pressurized conditions, otherwise something other than urine would be released.