Paris Hilton

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I like SEX. Sex, sex, sex, SEX!!! WEEEEEHEEEE!!! SEEEEEEEX!!!!!!!! I also touch myself with this hand. Shut up, you do it, too.

Paris Hilton (French: Hilton Paris) is the host for many people. Some scholars suggest that she is a prostitute, and others see it as an institute. An institute for prostitutes. Whee.

As a Paris Hilton, Paris could be expensive to some, especially if it's Hilton, although Hilton's cheapness is known throughout Paris for some time.

Now Silent Penguin can't be bothered to write the rest of this article because he's busy getting 87 wc and pking in fally.

Everything you've just read is a half truth[edit | edit source]

Paris Hilton is actually an MI6 operative. Everything written above is just a cover for her to intercept UVB-76 transmissions. Everyone has to pay one's dues.