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“This girl is on hire”

Whores at the door, having reached a final equilibrium of...


Prostitution[edit | edit source]

Prostitutes find my money me very attractive. At least, that's what Big Bird says, and he should know. That's right, Big Bird is a pimp. Isn't that hilarious? It's the opposite of what you'd expect!

Big Bird followed me home one day and I shot him, but I still don't see what he was doing in my pants. Those Wiccans are all about Big Bird. Why, just the other day, I spotted Big Bird fallowing a Wiccan home and he shot Big Bird while wearing pants.

Pants[edit | edit source]

I pant after running a lot. Okay, it also happens when I run a little. I'm not a dog.

Internal monologue[edit | edit source]

It was inside me. I saw it. I snatched it up and ate it and then it was inside me again. I felt kind of stupid about that.

Just completely pointless[edit | edit source]

I don't really know why. Annie Lennox, I'm sure, was really into that one band about not let's starting. The Rolling Stones.

Just completely stoned[edit | edit source]

God, why have you or You forsaken me or Me? Also, does this look like cancer to you? No, I'm talking to you. I'd tell you I have lots of RAM but you wouldn't believe me.

Short paragraphs[edit | edit source]

They're easier to read.

Whores[edit | edit source]

Whores are easy to read.

See also[edit | edit source]

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