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What if there was a man whose fingers and toes did not stop growing?

What if they grew long and slender and reached for miles along the shoreline?

What if he stopped moving for 20 years?

He never says a word, but he stares along the beach and blinks.

What if his toes grew downwards in to the ground, through the sand, taking root?

What if his fingers branched in to a web and reached skywards?

What if he stayed that way there for 20 years? The only difference being his fingertips drawing closer to the sun and his toes extending further in to the soil?

What if his fingers and toes snapped off and he fragmented and the toes and fingers were fragile and brittle after so many years in the sun on the sand

The fingers and toes fall in to a pile

His eyes are orange and they look on helplessly, because his head is just sitting there, now, in the sand in a puddle of salt water, with his hair in his eyes and his head not connected to anything anymore (in the simplistic sense)

What if the fingers and toes all went in to the ocean and made a giant hand

And the hand could scoop out pieces of the beach and put them on other beaches, could crush.

Or Could Lift Out of The Water