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So this article is a pickle. But how is that possible? If this article was a pickle, it would be edible.

Okay, I've tried to eat the article, but my teeth crashed into the stupid computer screen that was in my way.

Also, if this article was a pickle, how would it be online? You cannot click links to a pickle. You can click links to a sausage, though.

Sausage[edit | edit source]

You probably think this section of the article is going to be about a sausage. Well, you're wrong. It is about the.[1] Meanwhile, a haystack does. Boy, it. As if WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I have no more statements to make about. Be on your way, then, and don't do it.

Why am I writing a pickle entry if I'm on wikibreak?

Who cares?

No, seriously, who?

Okay, I want a list of all people who care. All those who care, add username here:

Cucumber?[edit | edit source]

Hey, look a cucumber.

The cucumber is pretty. Reminds me of snow. Also, there is a banana watching your every move.[2] It knows what you ate for breakfast.

Right now it's watching you from behind that logo thingy in the upper left corner. That I with the curvy arrows.

Curvy arrows[edit | edit source]

They're pretty. They remind me of snow.

You are glowing orange and blue. That is because of the psychedelic music you ate. I am eating music too. I am eating the latest hits, so that is what color I will glow.

Hello. (cue dramatic music[3])

How are you today? (cue dramatic music)

So back to that banana[edit | edit source]

It is watching you as you read this article, and think, "Wow, that was actually submitted to the Illogic Pickle? It's total junk!" It can tell you're thinking that by your expression.

There is only one way out of this, and that is to eat the banana. Eat it now!

Okay, now you turned Mozart-colored from eating the banana. What a world this is.

Now, when you get to the list of footnotes, please read them like a paragraph in this article.

List of footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. I am not referring to the well-known user THE.
  2. Including urination, defocation, and that thing you do.
  3. Dadadun... or something like that.

Categories[edit | edit source]

Wait, there are categories?