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Pilgmilgftonite is a word which has may meeings, the principle one being: A and A's song that is awesome and pure genius. Other meenings include: an object which has no name. variations of this word include pilgmilgftonitelings, which are small people who are devoted followers of Pilgmigftonite.

Pilgmilgftonite may very well be the greatest word ever invented because you can apply it to anything, for example: 'wow, thats so pilgmilgftonite!' or 'Did you see that huge pilgmilgftonite?'

Pilgmilgftonite is also the name of many famous movies, songs, and persons. Have you listened to Pilgmilgftonite (song)? if not you should because it could be any song you want it to be but the most likely the person who said its favorite song.

If Pilgmilgftonite was used in everyday life the world would be a much happier place because no-one would know exactly what anyone was trying to say making insulting people difficult.

This word could seriously help in situations such as politics and global warming because it would help people understand each other more easily and take the place of unnecessary, long, and boring technical words.

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