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Keep your eye on the liddle ball there, sir. Hee hee.

Pudding is an essential pard of the game of galf, yesiree Bob. You wants to get that ball in that little hole like that guy Tiger Woods? You're going to have to improve your pudding, you see. Driving is important, wedging less so, but pudding is the most impordant thing to learn. If you can get that bawl in that there hole well then sir, I salute ye because I sure as hell can't do it. No sir.

Got that? OK. Now go and get me some putting from the fridge.

Oh, I just hit an eagle[edit]

Well you'd better pick it up then! I shudder to think what the RSPCA would think. Oh, and make sure you don't hit any of them birdies either or you'll be in double trouble, see.


She said 'puh', and then 'ding'. Kyahahahahahaha.

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