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The rainbow is a device designed to absorb color. It was first created by Albert Einstein in 1689 and improved upon by many others. The Portuguese Mafia destroyed the last rainbow in the 1950's, allowing color to flourish in the world once more. This is why movies and photographs before the 1950's were in black and white.

The Conception[edit]

Einstein conceived of the rainbow while sitting on a giraffe. "Craving nugnacks!" he is said to have exclaimed, as he set off to recheck his calculations. He began to work, and for 40 days and nights he toiled under the light of the stars, building the device which would so change the world. From his mind flowed ideas, from his hands flowed life, and from his breath there was oysters. Finally, upon the eve of New Year's, the first rainbow was completed.

And so it began.

The Investigation[edit]

Einstein knew his creation was far too powerful to release to the public, so he hid it away under a mile of solid gravy. The day after, however, strange mysterious men arrived at his door.

The Car Chase[edit]

Einstein sped away on his scooter, the Microsoft employees close behind.

The Anti-Climax[edit]

Einstein died due to a horrible accident at a local gay rights march, where he first unveiled the rainbow.

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