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Portugal is a porch. Some guy's porch. It is indeed some guy's porch. A porch, and it's a country as well. With a population of two chairs and a grill, with some rocks living underneath (but they're in the lower class).


Portugal, on IllogiPlanet

Portugal (also known as Poortugal or Moortugal) was founded when the guy's house was built, and nothing of note has ever happened in it. This is why many countries have attempted to convert the governments to "Portugalism", a system of government that claims that the way to peace and tranquility is to turn everyone into your country into a chair or a grill.


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The current president is the grill, though a peice of paper who blew onto the porch breifly took over at some time.

Lawyers who handled[edit]

The melting pot

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UN representative[edit]

People at the UN regularly gets letters from the guy who owns the house (who often drinks heavily) telling them how Portugal needs to be represented at the UN, by one of the two armchairs.


I indeed already wrote this topic.


This topic I indeed already wrote

National anthem[edit]

Deck chairs and grills can't sing, so the national anthem of the song is called "one months of silence", and to sing it, you stand still and do absolutely nothing for a month. It was used last year to open the Olympic Games, which took place there. How 780 athletes and 80,000 spectators were fit on to the porch is a difficult question, but it involved all the people standing on top of each other, forming a stack that was 8 miles high.