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“My hairline”

A recession is when playgrounds start appearing out of the blue. Or, in other words, fish.

There is a penguin on your desktop[edit]

It's doing the karate. That's a type of tribal dancing from New York City. People do it wearing necklaces made entirely of vegetable oil.

If you're going to McDonald's this afternoon, and there are more nephews than nieces, does it make a sound? The answer isn't. If it were, I'd if the be.

A very, very, VERY detailed explanation of the recession[edit]

The swingset collided with the other swingset which collided with the slide, which started eating woodchips. Then the woodchips turned into monkey bars and got rich in the leaf industry. The leaf industry boomed, so loud as to be heard by 20 marmalades. These marmalades lost their hearing, but it was covered by their insurance. Then somebody opened the box, and a zombie cat walked out. The zombie cat started masturbating on the spot, getting an erection so large that it cushioned the sound of the booming leaf industry. Only then was it possible for U.S. senators to play hopscotch in peace.

While playing hopscotch, one of the senators (I forget which. He has blond eyes and blue hair.) got the idea to build a playground made entirely of Swiss cheese. He immediately went to work, with the help of the average American, and the playground was completed in less than 3 nanoseconds. All the senators started playing on the Swiss cheese playground, but then one of them started eating it and eventually puked. It was revealed from the other things that he puked up that he had eaten several metal bolts for lunch, as well as a little man with gray skin. Needless to say, this... well, I mean, why should I say it if it's needless to say?

The gray man claimed to be a descendant of King Tut, but on closer examination was a plant fossil. In order to figure this out, he had to be examined really, really closely. They looked at each individual area of his body down to the last hair through a microscope, and then shoved the microscope down his throat so they could look at his internal organs. They also had to shove down the person who was using the microscope, so that someone would be able to report on what was inside. Then the gray man puked, and out came another gray man, who had to be examined in the same way. The senators were too tired, though, so they ran marathons instead.

Running a marathon is really easy. All you have to do is blow a whistle.

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