Robot Pirates VS Samurai Aliens

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Fort Knox[edit | edit source]

" the bomb and make it quick my sensors itch." said D4-R5. His platoon engineer took out a dentonator. He placed it firmly on a heavy zincrominuim-steel coated with gold. " Hurry up you calculator!". The engineer glanced at the robot uneasily. He placed four red and blue wires on a padlock and attached a timer and explosives. " Thirty seconds, clear the area. Take cover." he said. The platoon retreated to a safe distance, ready to charge. Three,Two,One. BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! The door exploded into bits and the troops charged. Human guards swarmed the entrance, being killed in their tracks by laser shots. "Find the safe!" bellowed D4-R5. A small squad of the platoon swiftly began to move forward through a large hallway. More guards. Gunfire followed their footsteps muffled by the support fire of the platoon. They reached a 25 foot door. A huge combination lock lay centered on it. A heavy artillery droid took a plasma saw. He started to cut through the door which was starting to sizzle. Five minutes later a hole the size of a cow was in the door. "You scout! Scope out the perimmeter!". The scout did as he was told and found no guards. "Move in. Secure as much gold as possible.". The robots split up and headed towards the many packages of gold blocks. After one hour the platoon head recovered all of the gold. They boarded their star ship The Electree. BLAST OFF.

The Chosen One[edit | edit source]

"D4-R5,you are the chosen one. You shall wear the armor of gold." said the supreme overlord Super Computer. " These past four years I have been monitoring your achievements. Now, you will wear the golden armor, made from the gold you recovered from the Humans.". D4-R5 bowed. " I will serve you well, master." he said. He was then taken to a secret room. The top metal workers constructed the ultimate set of armor. It was suited on D4-R5. He screamed at the burn of the welder guns. " We are going to have to shut down your systems." said a worker. Everything went black.

The Palace[edit | edit source]

BEEP.BEEP.SYSTEM REBOOT.100%.SENSORS ON.REBOOT. "Hello,chosen one." said a medical bot. " You are being assingned a new program name." he said "Your new name is Appolo7.". " Appolo7.....hmmm i like it." said Appolo7. " Appolo7, please report to the bridge."said the speaker system. At the bridge Commander Ceo432 met him. " Chosen one, you have been assigned a new rank: Major. You will now have your own battilion." he said. "But what about my platoon? What will happen to them?" Appolo7 said. "It is no matter. You are going to attack the Palace of Shinogona. Steal the monk's treasure!" said the commander. All this was a memory now as Appolo7, lead his troops into the Palace. "Do not bother with the monks! They are harmless." he said. The faces of the Zeeronok monks was silent as they watched the battilion storm their sacred place. "Here, the treasure is in here" said a ground troop. He pointed to a golden encrusted door. They busted in face to face with a wall of alien samuri. "Kill them!" said Appolo7. The samuri jumped up and took out their light swords. They slashes through dozens of robots. "Retreat!". Out of the 500 troops sent only 120 returned.

Zeeronoks Attack[edit | edit source]

Duranakek sifted among the shadows of the robot pirate's Mothership. He was a Zeeronok sent to innfiltrate the Mothership. Duranakek heard a grunting noise. He peeked his head around the corner and saw the holding cells. aww greathe thought. Swiftly he cut through the locks and set the prisoners free. Back to buisseness.He was looking for a generator. The shield generator. He needed to shut it down so the rest of his kind could attack the Mothership. He sneaked through another door and found the generator. "Bingo.". He took out a plasma saw and sawed a hole around the case covering the on/off switch. Deranakek lifted the glass and flicked the switch. "My work here is done." he grunted. He approached a nearby escape pod and activated it. "Astalavista baby!" and away he went. "Sir, there is a breach in the engine sector. The shields are down too!" said a cadet. Appolo7 grimaced. He knew that we were under attack. "Man your battlestations! Deploy attack formation delta square! Ready the droids!" he barked. A troop made their way down to the engine sector met by light swords and their samuri wielders. "Code red! Code red!" said the speakers. As the fighting in the engine sector continued a missle hit the command bridge. It shattered and many who were in it were destroyed. "The Mothership is going down. Evacuate the facility!"yelled Appolo7. He ran to the escape pods and blasted off.

Earth Again[edit | edit source]

The Mothership blew up. Appolo7 crashed on Earth in a desperate escape. As far as he knew he was the only robot here. He got up. His battle armor scratched. What about the rest of the fleet? He needed to charge so he lay thereon the gorund. "WE HAVE WON! WE HAVE OVERPOWERED THE POWERFUL!" Said the master samuri. The Zeeronoks were celabrating on their victory. They had took some prisoners as well which ment Appolo7 was not alone in the universe. "Now, we shall dump these scrap metals on Earth!" roared the master. A small craft hovered over Earth while to Zeeronoks threw robots over the edge. Appolo7's sensors kicked in. He could make out a reading. There were more robots here five miles due south from his location. He pushed a button on his chest. It said BOOSTERS. He sped off at an amazingly fast speed. He found the shutdown,broken bodies of his commerades. " that you?" said one of them. "Yes it's me. Your going to be okay..". He took a oil can out of his storage compartment and let the oil drip into his open mouth. "Thank you."the robot said. Appolo7 moved the droid to a safer place. Then, a big black automobile drove up. Actually several of them drove up. Big men in black suits came out guns drawn. They ran over to the robots and shot special bullets into them. Sparks flew and the two shut down. "Take these to the lab" said the apparent leader. The men packed the droids and drove away.

To be continued......