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“Wot's... Uh the Deal?”

~ Pink Floyd on wot.. uh the deal is
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Pink Floyd. Um. Er.

What is one of their songs?[edit | edit source]

Ah I don't know. But I do know that they walked into a wall and went mentally weird because of that.

“Oh right, I remember that one song - it was 37 minutes long and took up the whole album, but thankfully nobody noticed.”

Pink Floyd would repeat this process for a further three albums, saving all their best material for Wish You Were Here.

Hey, they sung YMCA![edit | edit source]

Just another Brick in the Wall :)

Ich bin Obstkuchen![edit | edit source]

Ja! Du bist Obstkuchen! Obst-Kuchen! Doodoodoo dodo doo dooooo dee dee dooooooo la la lee Ooo loo ding ting!

Why little kids make the bad choice of hating them[edit | edit source]

Because they wouldn't let them have any pudding even though they 8 their meat. Or maybe it was poot. I dunno.

What they are famous for:[edit | edit source]

Wait a moment, those guys are famous?

I suppose so, but I can't name any of them... oh wait, I think Richard Gere was the bassist. And, um, Bob Geldof?

Pink Floyd is well known for their songs which contain references to loony people. For a long time, their catchphrase was: "Music made for loonies, by loonies, and about loonies."

Pink Floyd
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