Dark Side of the Sudetenland

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“Heil, Tamia!”

Heil das schottische SpielHEIL, MACBETH

We got Adele to be one of the most accurate and detailed maps of the Nazi German Altreich and Neureich ever for just 88 jelly donuts, or Berliners as Jfk would call them

~ Tamia
Dark Side of the Sudetenland
Album by Andre The Giant
Release Date March 27, 1973
Recorded March 25 - 26 1973
Genre Prog Rock
Length 43:05
Record label French Bread Records
Producers Tamia
Professional reviews
Tamia review 5/5 - "Excellent! Andre has done it again!"
0/5 - "That bastard!"
Andre The Giant review 5/5 - "This one's for you, Mein Führer!"
Andre The Giant Albums
Made in France (Live)
Dark Side of the Sudetenland
A Night at Grenoble

Dark Side of the Sudetenland is a 1973 rock concept album by Andre The Giant. This album marks a higher level of musical maturity whereby Andre began to combine elements of Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Franco-Rock. The album was released exactly 3 days after Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and was a direct attack at the album. Upon hearing Dark Side of the Moon, Andre reportedly spent two days solidly writing, recording, and mastering his best work to date. The album was produced by Tamia as usual and remarkably, the entire album was written, produced and released in three days.

The theme of the album is, as with Dark Side of the Moon, about life, but, in the Sudetenland.

Upon release, the album was seen as highly controversial as all copies came with a sticker on the cover, reading "This one's for you, Mein Führer!". Andre explained that he was French and was not very good at spelling, citing that he meant for it to read "Mein father", who had always encouraged Andre as a musician from a young age. However, this did not diminish record sales and within the first week, it had out-sold Andre's previous masterpiece of 1967, J'adore LSD. The album also boasts out-selling Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in its first four days of release.

Interestingly, this is one of only two albums ( the other being Andre's earlier effort, J'adore LSD ) which has been scientifically proven to never get old. Similarly to the aforementioned album, it is estimated that at any one given point, 60 million people are listening to this album.

Track Listing[edit | edit source]

  1. Don't speak to me / Shut up sand-n*****, don't breathe. ( Andre The Giant ) 4:00
  2. On the run ( from the Nazis ) ( Andre The Giant, The National-Socialist Party ) 3:32
  3. Dinner-time ( Andre The Giant, Andre's mum ) 7:06
  4. The Great Bread in France ( Andre The Giant, Bill Gates ) 4:44
  5. French-Francs ( Andre The Giant ) 6:31
  6. Us and the other Us ( from 1872 ) (Andre The Giant, Andre The Giant from 1872) 7:40
  7. Any bread you like, as long as it's French ( Andre The Giant ) 3:25
  8. Swastika Damage ( Andre The Giant, Adolf Hitler ) 3:50
  9. Freclipse, and conclusion ( Andre The Giant ) 2:09

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Done as a musical play as well.

Craigie als Der Führer

  • Andre The Giant- Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, triangle, alto-sax, trumpet, swastika. (All tracks)
  • Andre's Mum- Herself, "Dinner-time".
  • Bill Gates- Vocal solo, "The Great Bread in France".
  • The National-Socialist Party- Radical beliefs, "On The Run".

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