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SNEeSe was once a mere, humble little SNES emulator, but one which had a remarkable ability; resistance against the common cold. Little did the developers know, that over time, SNEeSe would become self-aware. The original cause of this obscure happening remains unknown, but a popular theory is that a holy, omnipotent C library by the name of Allegro, as well as The Holy Broken Chair of Fluffiness is involved.

SNEeSe Becomes Aware[edit]

At first, nothing unusual happened; for a long time, SNEeSe stayed a relatively normal project, maintained by a small elite group of programmers possessing an remarkable, bordering on abnormally high, amount of Fluffiness. Then, one day, something no one would have believed possible occured; suddenly, an unnamed person sitting in front of his computer, playing various SNES games, noticed something strange: maniacal laughter in text-form began printing, seemingly randomly, across the screen. He pressed ESC to pause and open the menu, and to his horror saw a nice, but somewhat maniacal-looking smilie covering the whole screen with cheese. The smilie's eyes glowed red, and the unnamed person screamed in horror as evil laughter echoed in his head.

Then, all of sudden, it stopped. The smilie now looked extremely nice and friendly, and the unnamed person got so excited when he saw the warm, friendly smile that he died of a heart attack. SNEeSe got terribly upset at this, and somehow managed to summon the awesome powers of The Holy Broken Chair of Fluffiness in order to revive the unnamed person, who was soon gleefully playing SNES games again, stopping only once in a while to pay his respects to his newfound deity. This, however, was only the beginning.

SNEeSe Grows In Power[edit]

Soon thereafter, strange things began happening all over the world, culminating in one particular event: One night, every single copy of SNEeSe, on every single computer in the world, suddenly dissapeared without a trace. In their place, text files containing only the string "So long, and thanks for all the ROMs!" had appeared.

The SNEeSe developers immedietly began investigating the mysterious dissapearance of their creation. Eventually, they discovered that SNEeSe had moved to a large, incredibly powerful computer, located in a large tower on top of a strange, floating island, guarded by fearsome dragons. There, SNEeSe spent it's time plotting for world domination, playing Chrono Trigger for itself, and once in a while laughing maniacally. Soon, SNEeSe became aware of the fact that it's creators were looking for it, and assured them that it would return once it had taken over the world.

SNEeSe Achieves World Domination[edit]

One day, a few years later, the leadership of every single country on the face of the Earth suddenly resigned without any prior notice, declaring that SNEeSe be the supreme ruler. Thereafter, the world gradually became a somewhat nicer, but also somewhat more maniacal, place, where every worshipper of SNEeSe lived happier, more maniacal lives. Soon thereafter, SNEeSe fulfilled it's promise, and descended onto a server, where it once again became avaliable for download. The few developers giggled maniacally, and went back to work...