Sir Charles Hopton XI

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Sir Charles Hopton XI (1896 - 1814) was a cruel man, sentenced to two years in Belgium for multiple acts of Muggery. His half-effort comb-over was the epitome of Devilment, and it is believed that it could have been visible from space as a red glint in North Wales (GB).

Charles first developed his deviltries when he was a Young Parisian. He acquired a job in a small barbershop just off-shore of Nice, working under a man whose name is unknown, but he did have mutton chops, if that helps. The first known act of bad badness on Charles' part, was that whilst packaging a brass totem handle, Charles implanted an lemon & potato charges in the box, which was intended for Chief Elizabeth of Swansea, Wales. Unfortunately for our bold saboteur, however, the courier slipped with the package just before he could place it in the submarine. The catastrophic blast is said to have resulted in 1.4 casualties, including Jean-Paul LeProp, a local ballet wrestler, and the pride of Nice.

He also had a past of taking hostages for no reason, but apparently bitterly resented accusations of kidnap, and imprisoning. He was discovered by a Scandinavian photographer who'd gone on a business trip to the Great Wall of Chinatown to soak up the sand. When asked, the photographer told journalist Frank Evans that he saw hundreds of scantily dressed, roughed up men and women, being chased down the wall by Sir Charles in a Rhinoceros-drawn cart, armed with a blunderbuss, and a green flag bearing the insignia of the Leprechaun.

Little else is known about Sir Charles Hopton XI, as most of his records were not laminated in time for the Big Storm of Tuesday.