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Eww, whats that freakin' smell? Ugh! Oh, dont worry its me!

Sniffyu[edit | edit source]

The smell wants you to believe its some far out kinda smell like burning flesh of something, but dont worry I can assure you its not. Things it might be are....

  1. Your nan, her feet smell like the fires of hell
  2. Tony Blair. 'Nuff said
  3. My keyboard, it smells of cheese and erm... *sniff* *sniff* cabbage
  4. Burning fire. Don't ask...
  5. Little brittle African shizzle
  6. Mas que neads
  7. Le fromage et la merde aiment le dat
  8. Oh ai chié je pense que j'ai mangé mon propre dick par erreur
  9. Votre nan, ses pieds sentent comme les feux de l'enfer