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Africa as seen from outer space.


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(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "We're not African American"
Anthem: None
Capital Africa City
Largest city Egypt
Official languages Amharic
Government None
Prime Minister Nelson Mandela
National Hero(es) Nelson Mandela
Currency Sticks
Religion Afrikaans
Population 82,000,000
Area Africa
Population density thin
Ethnic groups Afrikaans
Major exports Child Labor, Chocolate, Coffee
Major imports Poverty, Ebola
National animal Hippo
Favourite pastime Collecting water so they won't die
Opening hours Every day
Internet tld .af
Calling code 1-800-ARE-POOR

“Give us yer f****** money!”

~ Bob Geldof to Africa, getting the wrong end of the schtick.

“Who are African, but the people of Africa whereunto the basics of Africans fall, notwithstanding those who are without. Life is such as this, forthwith, however sense is not too greater a burden to this, thus thou thee thy thumb in the Chili Salsa doth dip.”

~ Klox the Questionable on Africans/Salsa

Africa: the home of the mighty Chazzlowoozit, the largest AIDS factory in the world, and the subjective black-man making machine. It is a roasting pot for Foot Propaganda, diamonds, and black people.


Known things about Africa[edit | edit source]

Africa is actually the richest place in the world all those charity adverts you see on TV is a scam ran by a Nigerian prince!!!!!!

“Can I go home now?”

~ Frederick J Huddlesworth on tour in South Africa

Here are a few "facts[citration needed] ", as discovered by Frederick J Huddlesworth in his 1672 publication "Africa and its dangerous aboriginal tribes that eat you for tea":

  • Belching Hyena locates itself in a hole located near Africa
  • Home to Kenya, where those really fast people are
  • South Africa is full of a rare species called "whites"
  • Nobody cares about Africa except Bob Geldof and Sonny Bono.

Alien infestations[edit | edit source]

Be warned that Africa is home to the largest Alien center in the world, Area 51. Haven't you ever seen District 9?

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