South Pole

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If you walked. And walked. And Danced. SWIM! DIE DIE! you will not make it to the south pole unless you must. TRY! TEQ! There are penguins there. Let me tell you about the species who live there.

Polar bears[edit]

Do not live there.


Do not live there.


Live there. They eat


that live there. And eat


That live there? But it is TUNDRA!

Tumble dry? No tundra!

So there are also walrus. No. SEAL! And fish. SCIENTIST! That's it. Unless we count bacteria. But it is not a good fish. I love fish. No those are clams. I had a dream I was eating clams. But instead I had a clamburger. It had three thin patties. It looked gross but tasted good. I like clams. But before I ate the clam burger I had to take off the onions. I don't like onions. BUT I LIKE PICKLES. I like ham and clam! THEY RHYME.