Steak and Noodle Pie

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  To be brewed in conjunction with stewdly, doodly, noodly stew.  

Steak and Noodle Pie is a specialist pie originally designed in the early 19th Century (not gonna tell you when because I haven't thought that far back) by a Brazilian man named Rafael. He doesn't have a first name, because hes special like that. He has one eye, one arm, one leg, one ear, one kidney...

Rafael's highly technical diagram of Pie Theory.

How Steak and Noodle Pie was invented[edit | edit source]

Rafael was bored. He was sitting on his doorstep with his head in his hand, contemplating suicide. Then out of the blue came a flying donkey called Donkey, who sounded awfully like Eddie Murphy. Donkey told Rafael to not commit suicide because if he did The Evil Spongebob Ghost would eat his soul with noodle soup. This subtle threat gave Rafael the idea to make a noodle pie. Rafael got up off his doorstep, and sat down on his thinking toadstool. During this time, he wrote several songs which The Beatles plagurised (knicked and sold off for their own). But Rafael didn't care, because by the time The Beatles were born, he would be dead as a diddley dee di Do Do. oD oD id eed a sa daed ed dluow... Whoopsie. Sorry about that. I pressed rewind on thhheeeee caaaaaasssseeetttteeee taaaaappeeeeeeeee-uh. Wow, pressing the pause button down halfway makes things monsterised. Wahoo! Wonder if I can speed things up too...

Hellomynameisdonkeyandiliveontheplainsdownwest! Wowinevernoticedthatyoucouldtalklikethisitsamaaaaaazzzing!

Erhem. Sorry I'm getting real carried away here when I should be writing an article. Right, back to the hey wait look there is a flying beetle on my wall and its making funny noises as it tries to walk across my poster. Huurgh hugh! Look at its scrawny legs go... bleehh! *Drolls all over keyboard*

Reader: Right I've had enough of this salad tosser. He's getting on my nerves.

NO! WAIT! I has more!

Donkey flew back over to Rafael and had a craving for some steak. Don't ask me why, I just have some poor ideas for this article is all. Hey don't complain to me that anybody can edit this website! Anyway... Even though donkeys don't eat steak, Donkey had the craving to eat it. Well this donkey does like steak, because he can fly. HE CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS WITHOUT HIS MUM CHECKING UP ON HIM!! So anyway through some magical way of thinking Rafael thought that noodle pie would lack a certain taste, so decided to follow up on Donkeys craving and added steak to the equation. So thats how Steak and Noodle Pie was h'invented.

Gordon Bennett! That's one Ffffeh-fine stud ya got there matey! That thing takes up half your tongue. No wonder you didn't like Steak and Noodle Pie... you barley have any taste buds within reach!

Mass Production[edit | edit source]

Rafael and Donkey has a business plan - to take over the world with their new invention. Donkey got in on the business because he just wanted a taste of that sweet product at the end since he hadn't eaten for 35 years, 24 days and 137 hours... and 12 seconds. And 0.23 milliseconds and counting! Rafael thought that if he contacted Gordon Ramsey through a telephone in contact with the future, he could get a proffessionals "a-pinny-on". Gordon thought that Steak and Noodle Pie was "A f***ing waste of time, and a f***ing shame that ass has no better taste in food". But Gordon has high expectation, as remember... Donkeys don't actually fly and eat rubbish for a living.