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Did you mean sturfs?

“Aw man, phind me a phridge phreezer!”

~ Man in B&Q

“Phish phood phails!”

Stuphs are like stuff but pluraliphied, spellingerroriphied and fnurdlephied to the extent they are awesome. Created by Phat Phil, they are the result of much brainphreezing and indeed pain bleeding. Obviously, Phil can't spell - aphter all, he's only eight years old.

Stuphs stuph your stuph phull of stuph, like schpam. Schpam schpams your schpam, schpamming schpam all over the schpam.


Stuphs can be found to the north of the north pole, West of West Ham, South of South Shields and East of East Timor. They cannot be found in cars, vegetables or on the Internet.

How to do stuphs[edit]

Ask an idiot... iiis the name of the new program from Sky One! Sunday at 8PM.

Don't see also[edit]