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For those looking for a German view on the subject, the Camels at Kamelopedia have an equally strange article on Auto or even Volkswagen; yes even Škoda

"Plane." ~ United Airlines

A real life ghost car caught on CCTV.

I am a driving god!”

~ Man in a car

“Car the blar the far the car, hello carry! CAR. Vote car for prez.”

~ Jimmy Carr


~ Oath
I once had a car
I drove it very far
I drove it through some tar
And now it doesn't go so far
George Hamburg

The 'carre'[edit | edit source]

“The car (ahem) is something that is funny and gives you lolz and stuff like that but me? Nah it makes me do a la the shiz in a la the pipe hole!”

Cars can now be purchased from high street supermarkets.

“Cars were a bad pop group.”

~ A car

Cars and cars and cars and cars and cars[edit | edit source]

This is not a drill. It's a car.

“If it weren't for cars, how'd anyone get around?”

~ Bike

If you see a car driving, let it go because it's a car and can likely run you over if you're on foot.

“The first time I ever saw a car was when I was a little baby and I spit my mom's tit out of my mouth and said, 'Holy shit! That's a car!'”

~ Albert Einstein on the downsides of using kerosene as hemorrhoid treatment

It's the remix to "Ignition," hot and fresh out the kitchen[edit | edit source]

Cars are easy to operate. Just get inside, put down your rug, and pray in the direction of Mecca five times a day.

“Wait, isn't that what Jews do on Passover?”

~ Muhammad on Zoroastrianism

Other Things[edit | edit source]

“Jeremy Clarkson can be quite the twat.”

~ Jeremy Clarkson on Richard Hammond

Cars are dangerous creatures, as shown in the Stephen King novel Cujo, where the dog eats the family because the car told him to.

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