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Summer is favoured by frozen water-based beings.

Summer is when the bland and humorless go limping back to their favorite spoof wikis that they had neglected for the past five months of class. Season-wise, summer consists of paprika and garlic, commonly spritzed on articles marked with the WIP template to add taste[1].

Expert Opinions[edit | edit source]

“In my professional opinion, summer consists of increased radiation exposure from the sun, resulting in skin and other health complications.”

“'↑ This guy thinks he's all that.”

~ Non-expert

“I am all that.”


Welcome back to your scheduled government programming!

414px-Hammer and sickle svg.png

C☭mmunism C☭LLECTIVIZATI☭N = G☭☭d![2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. This does nothing to improve the article progress, hence, a large number of unfinished Wip's.
  2. Ignore anything that says otherwise.