Sun Tzu

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Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese warlord. He belived that to win a war, you needed a brain. Sun Tzu was born in 324 b.c. and died in 1956 a.d. Unbelievably, Sun Tzu was the inventor of the Atomic Bomb. He carved out a hollow tree trunk and attached a traffic cone to the end. On the other end, Sun Tzu poured 16 gallons of gunpowder, rum, Fnurdle blood, and eggs. Then he sealed this end with a sink. Sun Tzu died when he tried to launch the atomic bomb, which crashed into a gasoline tanker which Albert Einstein had placed near Sun Tzu's control room. In 1495, Sun Tzu wrote The Big Book Of War. The Big Book of War, not to be confused with The Art of War by the Chinese warlord Moon Tzo, was a strategy guide to World Of Warcraft.

A young man, holding a copy of The Big Book of War.

Books by Sun-Tzu[edit | edit source]