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Since this keeps getting vandalised[edit source]

Here is what I'd suggest doing:

  • Either semi- or full-protect the 0 article; and/or
  • Checkuser the vandal accounts and, if they use the same IP, block the IP (I'd do a year but indef probably wouldn't hurt too much); if they use the same range, block the range; if not, the protection ought to be enough.
  • Alternatively, make sure the 'block account creation' box is checked on the block form, which will stop the vandalism if it comes from the same IP, and will tell us if it does not (i.e. it will start up again through another account or IP).

I notice this person has been warned and, since there has been no response, I suspect it is really some form of spambot and not a person at all. I think technical restrictions are the best solution at this point.  Flyingcat (meow?)fr: 15:52, 11 Ergust 2013 (UTC)

LOL, PH actually agrees with Eßlöffel auf dem Boden for once!

--Hey, its Kate, be friendly with me!

  • The page is semi protected. I have been hesitant to full-protect the page because it will prevent users who follow the rules from editing it and I feel that is unfair to them. However, if most users feel that a temporary full-protection would help curb the vandalism, I am not above doing it.
  • I have blocked every IP and account I could find. I also went back and increased the bans on some of the previous IPs and accounts. I think that this might have fixed the problem, but maybe not.
  • Yes, the box is being checked. --marbury (talk) 21:43, 11 Ergust 2013 (UTC)