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You say misanthropy like it's a bad thing.

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I've been around now and then since March 2013. I also edit Uncyclopedia.

  Flyingcat has attained 2 stars.   HAIRBALLS burbling under the influence 


More or less


c. 2007 - 9 July 2018



This wretched vandal has defaced Illogicopedia 4,593 times.


I wrote these or helped them get into mainspace.

  1. Kitty Store
  2. Welsh language
  3. Cardiff
  4. Best antivirus
  5. Shoe spam (mostly written by a spambot)
  6. Topic
  7. Scream
  8. 43 (originally published (by someone else) on Desencyclopedie; translated into English and ported over here, then added to by Gruntled)
  9. Editing under the influence
  10. Breathe.
  11. Admins
  12. Sometimes
  13. Foon
  14. Lab procedure
  15. Block
  16. Foop
  17. Fuffy Kitty Fuff
  18. Cabal
  19. Speedy deletion
  20. Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale
  21. Fdasfdf
  22. The tale of the foolish door
  23. IllogiNews:United Analogies of Canaria to secede independence
  24. Beatnik
  25. Suhfusdgh
  26. This page does not exist (page does not exist)
  27. Pooop
  28. Da Moon (retrieved from the bowels of Uncyclopedia)
  29. Bad question
  30. Moon cheese
  31. Hairballs
  32. CSS
  33. Block link
  34. ⓾‎
  35. Succubi rant in the big blue sea
  36. Link title
  37. Dream Journal (with T3canolis)
  38. Purple cheese
  39. Unemployed
  40. Burble (with
  42. The Acer Iconia Tablet Hits The marketplace‎ (with
  43. What do you think you're doing with that chair?
  44. Dream
  45. Noodles?
  46. Nothing juice
  47. But I repeat, this is not a nothing
  48. Noob
  49. Leek
  50. Welsh English
  51. Admin paradoxes
  52. Apostrophe (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  53. Cadaver Synod (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  54. HowTo:Be Reverend Zim_ulator (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  55. Non-violent resistance (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  56. Kale and yoga (mostly written by an Uncyclopedia spambot)
  57. Breton language
  58. Cala tân‎ (poem written by a Welsh Wikipedian)
  59. HowTo:Drive a Car on LSD (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  60. Vandalism on wheels! (vandalised version of Uncyclopedia's article)
  61. Worst 100 Pick-Up Lines of All Time (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  62. Éowyn‎ (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  63. Editor cabal
  64. Haven't you heard the news?
  65. Grapefruit
  66. Eleven Commandments (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  67. Board game
  68. Marijuana geese
  69. IllogiNews:Chinese baby oil found to be made from real babies
  70. Good electricity and bad electricity (moved from Uncyclopedia)
  71. Nose gun
  72. Spoonleaf (deleted by request)
  73. Telepath muffins (deleted by request)
  74. Telepaths under the bed
  75. Derivative of a mouse
  76. IllogiGames:Don't Stay in the Kitchen
  77. Sophie's eyes
  78. Pink
  79. It was a dark and stormy night (with an addition by Twoandtwoalwaysmakesafive)
  80. Battle of Lake Island
  81. Red pill
  82. Backwards text
  83. Red bird
  84. IllogiNews:Teenager cleans room for first time in years
  85. Salt burns orange

Cyan = partly written by someone else; purple = entirely written by someone else (I just slapped it on here); bold = featured; bluish-green = rewrite