Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv-Yafo is a deadly sin city in Israel. At least God doesn't care about genitals (before the fundies told Aviv that lumber jacking isn't okay anymore). It's woke to say it is ichiban city in Israel, and unwoke to say it is not ichiban city in Israel. There was a dark age because of light in its history starting in 1917 and lasting until 1948, when it was part of the British Empire.

Atheism is pretty common here, so Penn and that other guy would be welcome there. There is a shop for me to stock up at Yehuda Burla St 12 (I am also 1/8 Swiss. They should write an overture about me.). This city, named for an artificial mound, is where they get their customer service personnel for banks (this is solely a pun on "Tel," I swear).