The Chaninator

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I am da Chaninator. You shall obey my wishes! Now gimme sum chicken noodle soup!

The Chaninator is the greatest robot ever built in China. He can beat up 100 kazmillion ninja pirates before they even say hi-yarr!

Catchphrases[edit | edit source]

  • 汉语漢語-beep
  • 贛晉平話-whirr
  • 閩吳湘-DESTROY

Powers[edit | edit source]

  • The almighty power of Ping
  • The nearly almighty power of Jong
  • The completely terrifying power of Pang-Kwong-Ling-Ching-Zhong
  • The more completely terrifyingly all-powerful er...power of Allpahwah-Foo-Pahwah
  • The ability to summon a giant chicken noodle monster

Mission[edit | edit source]

Stage one[edit | edit source]

First, invade local restaurant. Ask for chicken noodle soup with garlic. Eat hearty lunch.

Stage two[edit | edit source]

Hold Oliver Twist for ransom until someone gives me 20 million bowls of chicken noodle soup!

Stage three[edit | edit source]

Transform all my chicken noodle soup into a giant monster and take over the world. Muahahahahahahhahahahahaha-ha.

Stage four[edit | edit source]

Have dinner.

Not to mention, my super-secret other stage...hehehe[edit | edit source]

Have supper.

Mission Number Two[edit | edit source]

Level o... I mean stage one[edit | edit source]

Activate super-cool powers of pang-kwong-ling-zho... whatever.

Stage Two[edit | edit source]

Destroy noodle stand.

Stage Tree[edit | edit source]

Take noodles.

Stage Four[edit | edit source]

Eat noodles.

Stage Five, The Stage In Which Things Are Explained In A More Complex Way, Or In Other Words, More Than Three Or Less Words.[edit | edit source]

Gain powers by eating noodles, such as super-strength, speed and any other power that is preceded by "super".

Stage Six[edit | edit source]

Destroy other noodle stand.

Origin[edit | edit source]

What origin?, he was built by a Chinese madman with spare parts from his Mercedes. The end. Oh, you mean orange gin? Sorry, i don't buy orange gin. My grandpa says it tastes funny. or maybe that's cause he has no taste buds. Well, meh to you.

Diet[edit | edit source]

  • Orange gin
  • Noodle soup gin? Who added that? I told you i hate orange gin and i don't buy it. Why? Because it's single and available.