The Deep Dark Reaches of Hop-diddle

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Down past the carrot tree lies a fickle place called the Deep Dark Reaches of Hop-diddle. It is a place of horror, darkness, death, bad smells, more death, pain and under-cooked meals. There is also a rabbit farm. That breeds free-range printers. That eat bloody oranges

It is located up, down, right, left, nowhere, everywhere and also left. It's alright if you don't understand that. I don't either.

In 1981, in a surprise move that didn't really seem to surprise anyone, the Prime Minister of Austria declared a national campaign against the place, by grabbing a plate and licking it, therefore creating bungee jumping. However, his campaign did not work. This may have been due to the ever-increasing populations of shnargles, even though they don't exist.

The Deep Dark Reaches of Hop-diddle is also very large, but very small.

That is all.