The Massive quest to find stuff

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The plot doesn't exist begins!![edit | edit source]

This was a quest undertaken by HelloolleH, SP, Bob Geldoff, MrWangFLower and some other poeple probably. They decided to go and look for stuff for some reason, maybe boredom, and then decided that they would be aided in their quest by vast amounts of vodka and some drugs so potent and obscure that their names are unknown to most. So they went to the nearest Vodka and obscure drugs outlet, WHSmiths, and purchased everything in stock.

The plot really is poor thickens!![edit | edit source]

As they were leaving the shop, they were confronted by Testostereich, a known Vampire Banana. He demanded that they hand in the illegal goods to the nearest obscure drugs and Vodka amnesty and that they should all go home except Bob Geldoff who should just lay down and die.

Upon hearing the demands of the Vampire Vampire Banana guy, SP laughed and then threw a bottle of drug-filled vodka at his head, killing him. The gang then ran like f00k.

The plot was made up whilst HelloolleH was drunk and only semi-concious sort of fizzles out[edit | edit source]

The gang then has a fight with a pikey or 2, then invades Poland. Eventually they run out of vodka and obscure drugs and apologise for the trillions of Uber-pounds of damage they caused. They return home to find Testostereich (who actually wasnt dead, just asleep) waiting with the police, who fine the gang 5 yen for their actions, and stab SP for attempted murder.

so yeah, twas crap really.

Oh, they also lost their Pringles.