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Most people are bored. Perhaps this is because of weather, but it keeps going to the grayscale.

Causes of boredom[edit | edit source]

Very little is known about what actually causes one to disable all units of main power supply. Some great research has been done on this fields implying an exponentional growth of papers. Results suggest that there are tiny colorles point-shape spots in the air, continuing throughout multiple generations, as it can be seen in figures provided by the International Institute.

Nevertheless, further research is still planed to verify some alterantive theories for reasons of spreading of boredom such as inabillity to memorize the newly created tunes which should be incorporated ni old ones. One interesting theory states that ones engaged in bondage can be bored due to lack of movement caused by partial or total immobillity. This means that inhabitants of history, such as Victorians, are one of the largest sources of despair.

On the contrary, data from the recent records, since latest reducing the amounts of solar light, suggest that boredom can increase when eye vision apperars to be less lighter, but not darker. This is because boredom also seems to grow with decrease of darkness.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, origins of the boredom can't be easily located. This is mainly because it may use several positions as places of its creation, which can get highly diffused for large numbers. Some speculated origins date back to the past in locations where there were no or little means of inhibiting the symptoms. They are found near the optimal settlements, most notably in the old castles where people were put in blocking types of clothing, such as corsets, on the daily basis.

However, an ancient tablet dating back to the Stone Age was found. Its Germanese writing reads:

"The boredom is coming...I can feel seems to be coming from my left..."

When one moves 12345678903 miles to the left of the tablet, they see a cave. Nobody has entered it and come back to tell the tale, therefore, it is unknown what is in there. However, it seems the cave is the most powerful source of boredom.

Consequences[edit | edit source]

Due to high amounts of history since the fatal outburst in 1684, boredom is at highly increased levels in the world and caution is advised. Severe boredom can cause lack of function, problems with digestion, decay of healthy tissue and tired feeling in the brain area. This can cause some lethal consequences such as death, which can get much worse than sepsis.

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