The Three Sentences that Could've Solved All the World's Problems

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The other day, the United Nations was holding an annual meeting.

The representatives from Iran, America, and Russia were having a screaming match. Each of them had several nuclear weapons on their desks.

The representative from Denmark leaned in to her microphone and said three (somewhat long) sentences:

"I think it's about time that we all realized that the differences between us all are completely arbitrary; we were born on different patches of dirt and we believe different things about the size of God's beard, but we're people and we feel the same emotions. Let's not waste one more SECOND of humanity's time killing each other over trivial differences and start working together to fix this bruised world. It's not that hard, all we have to do is work together, find some way to fight the grotesque horrors of third-world poverty and find a way to solve our other problems; we can totally do it though."

She waited for a response, but nobody said anything. The major representatives continued screaming at each other. Meanwhile, the representatives from Israel and Palestine were getting in to a punching match over who got to sit at a front-row desk, and everyone was ignoring the representatives from Africa who were pleading for help.

Turns out that the represantative from Denmark's microphone was off, so nobody heard her three sentences.

She shrugged and started playing tic-tac-toe with the representative from Sweden.

The world could've been fixed on that day.

Oh well, there's always next year.