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This article was not written by Icelandic people.
 Or all the visitors would have been killed! 

“Best. Article. Ever.”

~ Comic Book Guy on the best article ever

The best article ever written was so brilliant that had anyone actually read it and thought about the issues it raised and the raisins it issued, their brain would have instantly been digested by their spine.

What made it the best article ever?[edit | edit source]

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Many have raised questions about what makes that article the best ever, but I believe in ghosts that I can lick my nose remedy this with a brief insight into the brain of he that wrote it:

Warning: What follows this pointless sentence does not preceed it.

'I wonder if I shall write the best article ever yes I shall why cant I use punctuation in my head darnit I could use a coat hanger about now or then who knows when one sentence begins and the next ends oh the travesty I shall never get over the brainal damage caused by damaging my brain as a child yesterday was that the end of the sentence or the start of this one day I was walking when oh bugger I did it again you have arrived late this is the third time this week I have not eaten a single bit of [insert fatty food here]'

Wasn't that odd?

Who wrote the farticle/farticle?[edit | edit source]

This one or the one I am describing?

look @ past frenzies --Doctor DUuH

I don't know... the first one[edit | edit source]

I wrote this, do you mean who wrote the best article ever?

I don't know what I mean anymore... all I know is being an effective title font[edit | edit source]

Might I suggest suicide? The writer/forward slash/writer of the best article ebber was an elder crab known only as Marty. He's dead now due to death, but you can read his article here

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