The right way to prepare for a trip to the woods

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Okay, so your plans of sitting in on at the weekend editing various wikis has been dashed. On the way to the store to pick up some fugu your shopping trolley veers dangerously off course, and even though your in the middle of London, you end up in the black forest gateau. What do you do? - That is a question that we all ask our selves at least twice a day. Sometimes even three times, maybe more (but we won't mention them numbers; seeing as I can only count up to 3.)

My Solution[edit]

I suggest that all victims to Fate's annoying habit of throwing people randomly into the black forest I suggest you carry around the following in a tictac rapper:

  • A fork - for "forkin'"
  • A larger tastier slower person than you (or a kebab) - for bear attacks
  • A Roffloliron - Miscellaneous

It would also help if you just payed the protection money that Fate keeps asking for and he might stop blighting your weekends.

Also sea (by the seaside)[edit]