The tale of the foolish door

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Once there was a door. This should not come as a surprise to you, considering that there are, have always been and will always be many doors in this world, but this door was not like the others; it was not merely a passive inanimate object, but had its own ideas of what to do, and some of these, if not all of them, were very foolish. Today I will tell you the tale of the foolish door.

No one really knows a whole lot about this door, except that one day it happened to be standing in the way of a cat. Cats, as we all know well - at least I should hope we do - absolutely hate having a door stand in their way, and will do whatever they can to make it stop. This is particularly the case for the flying cats, like this one, that also happen to be able to talk, and work together to remain still in the path of a door. So this cat gathered up the other cats it knew and they all did their best to defeat the door, who had been perfectly innocent until now but would not be so any longer. Why, it fought back. This was very foolish of it. If it had just let those poor undeserving cats through like any other respectable door, it could have survived, but oh no, it was too proud, and its pride killed it, it did - got blown to bits by those cats.

That door was your mother, and I tell you this so that you will not repeat her mistake. Never remain still in the path of a cat, if you have the misfortune of being a door. Of course, if you can get enough karma in this life, you might just reincarnate as a higher life-form - but, as doors can't do a whole lot, that's not very likely.