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Now I've stopped anyone else using Your Mother as the title of an article! Hehe. Muhehehe. Mweheheheheee!!1!

I bet some corn wallace had that in mind. What, no corn? Very well, make that some corm. Anyway, I am that Mr. Corn Wallace. Here's my card: Garglefluff. More cheese, Gromit? No? Why not? Too "cheesy", you say? Aaargh!

I can't stand it! All this... this outrageous cacaphony of nose-patterns on the wall! I'll show you; I'll scrub you away!


What!? The nose pattern turned into an orange 50 foot purple question mark with gargling bees growing on it! I... I am so unbelievably saddened to hear this; it should have been mumbling at regular intervals!


Analysis of the 'your mother' trend[edit]

“Stepadder, shoulderblade, rednose, hardwork sucks, sword and the stone, rosepetal soup, thornology, wang, wildberries, pi, foodstuffs, childhood obesity, Old MacDonald had a farm, Miss America, George Bush sucks, berries (again - I ain't editing it twice wang), thorn - yeah, inventive, nose, soiled nappies, bedrest, sleepy eyes, dreamy sky pi, mindless slaughter, headboy, homosexuality - t'is bad, flagpole rape, starfishses, skydiving, paperplane, tools belong to Super America, bladder.”

~ Psychiatrist on on the philosophy of the 'Your Mother' joke

And there we haven't it.

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