The Tiger Lion Conspiracy

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Something is afoot. You don't believe me, eh? Let's take a look at the facts for a second, shall we?

  • No continent contains both lions and tigers
  • No zoo cage contains both lions and tigers
  • No picture has ever been produced containing a lion and a tiger

Conspiracy? Coverup?... The IFLTR (Institute For Lion-Tiger Relations), an organization funded by Oprah, thinks so, and means to unmask this evil plot.

The Coverup[edit]

Way way back in the 1980s, secret government employees found proof of a plot to create a make-believe creature called the "Tiger". By taking a normal female lion, painting it black and orange, and screaming "You're a Tiger" 312 times, the secret employees were able to fool the masses with this new creature. The purpose for this cover-up is unknown, but it is certainly funded by the Safeway Alliance, because they are evil. Really evil.

In the mid-90s, Oprah's organization, IFLTR, launched an attack on the Safeway Alliance's research headquarters in Hamburger Germany. Apple Computers tipped off the Alliance to the threat, and foiled the plan.

Research Continues[edit]

The research in Hamburger continues unhampered with the co-operation of the German government. The Safeway Alliance is in the process of hunting down all of Oprah's conspiracy revealers. Tigers continue to be created, but never in the same room as a lion. They hate each other after the gender switch, much like potatos. Which you may spell as potatoes.

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