Top 100 Reasons PiddlerOfTrousers's PS2 plays Tony Hawk Underground all wonky

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Not in any order. "I, 1337yB1rd and PiddlerOfTrousers are bros and naturally he was all like "ERRRRRRH BRING TERNY HERK FER THER PLERSTERTERN TER" and I was all like "ERRGH ERKER ER WERLL BRERNG TERNY HERK ERNDERGRERND TER FER TEH PLERSTERTERN TER" And this all ultimately culminated into this list! Enjoy this you illogical SonsaBitches!"

- 1337yB1rd, 5 Octodest 2015

Not in any order. DISCLAIMER OVER

BEGIN LISTING OF REASONS NOW[edit | edit source]

  1. Because the PlayStation is a potato.
  2. Because PiddlerOfTrousers is a potato.
  3. Because there is not enough guacamole smeared on the monitor.
  4. Because PiddlerOfTrousers's skateboard smells like linguica.
  5. Because reasons for things piss me off because I don't understand predicate logic.
  6. Because PiddlerOfTrousers is itself all wonky.
  7. Because 1337yB1rd bought it from a shady looking iguana on Broadway.
  8. Because 1337yB1rd paid not three, not two, not one dollar, but FIFTY CENTS FOR THUG 2 GET REKT OVERPAYERS.
  9. Because Government Regulations.
  10. Because Radiohead.
  11. Because Its PS2 was very high at the time.
  12. Because This Passage Does Not Exist::/ TONY DANK & BAM MARGERA
  13. Because The Uncle who works for Nintendo didn't approve.
  14. Because GTA 5's PC Port was delayed by two years.
  15. Because Meme Master Shia LaBeouf seems to have misplaced his dank!
  16. Because Gaben was mad at us console peasants.
  17. Because We are impatient adolescents.
  18. Because It is a celestial sign saying that PiddlerOfTrousers needs to buy a PS4.
  19. Because We have never considered the fact that maybe we put the disk in the console upside down.
  20. Because There was that one thing... with the disk splitting in two... But doesn't duct tape fix everything?
  21. Because What if Illuminati was not kill?
  22. Because life is an illusion, and only badgers REALLY exist.
  23. Because that one segway guy. Y'know, in the Boston level.
  25. Because Daft Punk was being 1337 HAXX0RZ
  26. Because Spookytubesock

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