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The Anthem[edit]

All hail Fieri. May he take us all to flavortown.

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This user, for his drug enriched creative writing, deserves The Lance Armstrong Award For Creativity Enhancement.

Keep blazing/tripping/snorting/injecting, Illogian!

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Articles I Have Written[edit]

Hollywood Superstar Shia LaBeouf


Stuff I take full responsibility for[edit]

"Merry Christmas! Now take off your clothes!" -BrutalMoose


My Trophies[edit]

This user is a flabebist. Bloggif 55c102e0ec036.gif
Hank hill weed.jpg This user sells propane and propane accessories.
1 This user has won 1 tube sock merit(s) and is therefore part of tube sock royalty.
Nominated "Most Autistic Cory In The House Fan 2011"


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