Top Ten Ways to Get Banned

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From Illogicopedia's Top Ten collection. Where opinion is fact.

10. The T3canolis way[edit | edit source]

Be a douche to a n00b.

9. Advertise[edit | edit source]

Not very stylish but gets the job done. Makes it to number nine due to the monetary gain possible.

8. Joke bannage[edit | edit source]

Though it cannot be planned, this is a very controversial way of getting banned. The first step is to become an admin. The next step is to wait for someone to ban you. Isn't higher in our countdown because you can easily unban yourself.

7. Blanking of pages[edit | edit source]

Extremely unstylish but gets the job done. you'll get a lot less respect from admins but can be done without creativity. The effortlessness of this gives it the number 7 spot.

6. Redirecting pages[edit | edit source]

This is to move pages to ones that don't exist on purpose. Though most vandals redirect it to something gay like, "Avril Lavigne rocks my socks" repeated over and over, this can be used effectively if you redirect pages for a reason. For example, redirect Barack Obama to Nazi.

5. Gibberish spam[edit | edit source]

Truly annoying and retarded, spamming gibberish is so easy, a caveman could do it. Literally, if a caveman tried to type, he would probably spam gibberish. This makes it all the way up to number five due to the fact it's so damn easy to do. I mean, it takes no experience at all it's like hsihgijbdnfibnsgbpsohughsiul and then you're done.

4. Being a Flameviper[edit | edit source]

Case and point.

3. Uploading graphic content[edit | edit source]

Now I honestly think anyone that thinks that Illogicopedia is a porn site is an idiot. I don't know if it's actually happened but don't do it unless you want your ass to go straight to banville. The easiest way to do this is save some porn on your computer and press upload and voilà, bannage! This makes it to my number 3 spot due to how fast it gets you banned.

2. Creative vandalism[edit | edit source]

As with many of these ways to get banned, you can do multiple at once. An extremely memorable way to get banned is to creatively vandalize pages. Meaning adding content relevant to the article but offensive and unwelcome on Illogicopedia.

1. Taunt the admins and other users[edit | edit source]

This easily grabs our number one spot due to its relevance in Illogicopedia lore and history. This technique involves making fun of admins/users on a page and then making talk page messages consisting of things like, "Aren't you gonna ban me?". This is by far the most memorable way to get banned. BobThatHead was such a vandal and is one of, if not the most memorable vandal of all time.

Summary[edit | edit source]

So I hope I helped you find out which route you want to take to Chinese Burnination™.