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A Chinese Burn is Illogicopedia's euphemism for the most dreaded action that can be possibly taken on one of its users- a ban!!!!!

History[edit | edit source]

Illogicopedia doth not liketh logic. It wanteth to make everything it doeth look juvenile and dumb. So while even Uncyclopedia uses the word "block" for blocking, Illogicopedia overlordzorz would much rather use a dumb-arthed alternative like Chinese Burn. I mean, how can a Chinese Burn sting for eternity? Illogical isn't it? Yes, I concur.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Any user annoying you? Give him a Chinese Burn! Any user not paying their respects to the Territe pantheon? Give the heathen a Chinese Burn! Any female user annoying you, or resisting your attempts at sexual harassment? Give HER a Chinese Burn! Yes, we're misogynistic motherfuckers who persecute and exploit objects females on a regular basis! Deal with it.

“Wait, you blocked me? But I didn't do anything wrong!”

~ innocent user on being given a Chinese Burn

“I didn't block you, I gave you a Chinese Burn. I'm infected you know.”

~ Evil admin on Chinese Burns

SEE??!! Before you know it, admins are gonna block everybody they don't like, and claim it's a "Chinese Burn" epidemic!


Er, wait... we're not mysogynistic... much[edit | edit source]

See above, where an author said we're misogynistic? Well, that's not entirely true. There are enough active female users here that they may outnumber their male counterparts. I strongly suspect that any actual misogyny would not be tolerated by any of us.

Fake misogyny, illogical and/or humorous[1], on the other hand, is tolerated if not appreciated.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. For example, "Lars Unterober, last years Hungarian national champion, is in training for the Olympic downhill 500 meter wife beating with a shillelagh event."