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If freedom is the state of being free, then treedom is the state of being a tree. It's also called libertree, as evidenced by that huge statue in New York turning green, to represent chlorophyll.

A Wikipedist explanation of how treedom works[edit]

In philosophy, libertree involves tree will as contrasted with fate. The former is defined as 'not being rooted to the spot, and being able to move about freely... I mean treely' and the latter is defined as 'deforestation'.

Politically, treedom is a controversial subject. While trees the world over assume that their rights of tree will are protected by the Constitution, this is not always the case.

Explanations of how treedom works arose in 18th-century United States under the concept of 'libertree, and being tree from slavery'. As the orange trees had fruit picked off them by slaves, clearly causing much pain to the trees involved, they lamented the situation, and furthermore lamented the fact that the 'Emancipation' applied only to human slaves and freedom, rather than orange, cotton, mustard, and treedom.

Many political ideologies also connect to treedom: most notably leafaralism: a variation of liberalism designed for the independent plant. If a plant practices libertree they may not be accepted in societree, but it'll all be worth it.

We think.

Tree-related alternative facts[edit]

  • Approximately 70,000 trees showed up for the Great Fire of London. They wanted to say goodbye to all the criminals.
  • Trees should be planted near coal power plants to provide 25% of their RDI of carbon dioxide.

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