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Don't let me in! I'll eat your fridge!

Arrgh! I am a troll! Your forum is badly designed for its designated purpose! Windows and Linux are the same operating system! I can't get my word processor to run on my paint program! The metric system makes commutes longer!

I close with a song and dance number.

In the Dark Ages I live as a peasant
There should not be any computers, no
I have one anyway to troll the web
I point out misconceptions in your posts

Admin> u r banned

Another case solved by the Internet police.

Nooo! I'm melting!

... Press the <ALT> key to create a new account and continue con-trolling ...

You can't stop me! I have sockpuppets! Ha ha!


The nicest guy in the world, except for the lapses in judgment I experience on the net.


Motel TrollsTrollTrollfaceTrollsTrollingTrolling is a art